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(Ref. SEJ-478)
marzo 2019
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Información sobre el grupo

logo del grupo

Grupo de Investigación Avanzada en Gestión Empresarial (GIADE) is a group of more than thirty experts located in the University of Granada that remains at the forefront of research related to the management of companies and institutions. With the aim of contributing to economic and business development, the research projects of the different GIADE teams are focused on areas related to strategic management, entrepreneurship, operations management, innovation, information systems, Quality management or industry 4.0. GIADE, created in 2007, has researchers who have extensive and proven experience in the development of research and in the transfer of knowledge to the business sector. Its research quality has been recognized by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Business of the Junta de Andalucía, as research group SEJ-478 (Andalusian Program for Research, Development and Innovation). GIADE continues its dynamic of growth and consolidation, having become one of the reference groups in Spain and Europe in some of the thematic areas considered, as evidenced by the numerous projects and research contracts in which it participates.

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